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Why don't more people plant trees if they can help with all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? Does this imply that a sizable portion of the populace is unaware of the advantages of facilitating land restoration? Is it the lack of qualitative or quantitative dividends that prevents individuals from taking action? Is it the inability of firms to see beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that is stifling individual commitment? There could be an unending number of questions on why individuals act in silos and cohorts rather than globally and all-inclusively.

Tagging and traceability are key challenges for individuals, communities, and institutions who plant trees. We never know whether what appears to be a million plantation on paper has endured over time or not. One factor could be a reluctance to accept accountability owing to a lack of direct or indirect reward for the work. Another problem could be a lack of knowledge on how and where to tag and trace. The list could endless.

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Planters App is a solution that fills up all of the gaps mentioned above. It may not be an absolute solution in its current form, but has the potential to become one in the near future.

Planters App is pre-integrated with FloCard and does not require a separate credential to use. It is based on the belief that "everyone is a planter" and "everyone must be a planter" in order to meet 2050 carbon emission targets. The Planters app allows you to do the following:

  1. Register your farm with the platform.
  2. Onboard farm planters
  3. Tag trees or plantations against your farm
  4. Tag trees or plantations against the planter
  5. Tag trees against your name if you don’t have a farm
  6. Include a picture of the tree, its common name, and the date it was planted.
  7. Verify the tag's legitimacy.
  8. Edit or update information as needed.

The Planters app tags a plantation using latitudinal-longitudinal data and works in both online and offline mode on Android phones and online mode on iOS phones.

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Why to use Planters App?

  1. The Planters App comes with a unified dashboard that gives you a complete picture of your plantations.
  2. To monetize your efforts, treat trees like an asset (Coming soon)
  3. Determine how much carbon your farm/plantation has sequestered in total (Coming soon)
  4. Profit from carbon offset investments (Coming soon)
  5. Profit from carbon credit sales (Coming soon)
  6. Attempt to live a carbon-neutral lifestyle, followed by a climate-positive lifestyle. Become an advocate for change.
  7. Take advantage of opportunities to establish NFTs around your goals (Coming soon)

Because the planters app uses blockchain technology, all of your data is encrypted, immutable, and timestamped.

Planters App Dashboard

Planters App Dashboard

Planter's App : Tree Chain

Tree Chain (Upcoming Feature)