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to Achieve their Sustainability Goals through


We stand at the forefront of combating climate change by creating
a dynamic ecosystem that unites stakeholders at all levels.


FloCard is a digital business card app that goes beyond just networking - it's an ecosystem that supports sustainable development goals, climate action, and sustainability. By using FloCard, you can align your business with these important values and showcase your commitment to a better future.

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FloCard is known for:

FloCard is known for aligning enterprises with global sustainability goals, mainly through planting trees to offset carbon emissions. They emphasize the importance of businesses acting as gardeners for the planet, nurturing profits and the environment.
FloCard's mission includes striving towards net zero goals and highlighting trees as nature’s carbon offset mechanism.

Showcase Your Commitment to a Better Planet

Join our #BetterPlanetTogether initiative and make your sustainability efforts visible. Get started in three simple steps and enhance your business profile with a commitment to the environment.

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    Sign Up for #BetterPlanetTogether

    Register your business and pledge to our sustainability goals. By joining, you signal to customers and competitors that your business prioritizes climate action.

  • 2


    Highlight Your Green Practices

    Customize your profile by adding information about your sustainable practices, achievements in reducing environmental impact, and any green certifications or awards. This transparency boosts your credibility and inspires others in your industry.

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    Share Your Progress and Impact

    Regularly update your profile with new sustainability milestones and ongoing eco-friendly initiatives. Engage with customers through this platform by responding to inquiries about your environmental efforts and sharing tips on how they can contribute to a greener planet.