Goal 1: No Poverty

Unemployment, social isolation, and the increased vulnerability of particular segment of people to disasters, diseases, and other phenomena are all causes of poverty. According to estimates, the covid 19 pandemic will put another 71 million people into poverty. It's critical to be concerned about other people's financial situations since our well-being as humans is intertwined. The foundations of the sustainable development goals are being eroded by rising inequality. Everyone's active participation can make a difference in the fight against poverty.

About Us

FloCard is a product of evolution, numerous trial and errors. Unlike every popular product that has a backstory, FloCard has provenance. The repeated waves of Covid pandemics taught us the importance of things like contactless, virtual, oxygen, and a green environment. FloCard was conceived long before the epidemic in October of 2018. However, the value of FloCard was recognised at some point during the pandemic. FloCard was born as a product somewhere during the pandemic. It's a promise to help everyone grow without causing harm to the environment.

It's a one-click initiative aimed at assisting individuals, organisations, governments, and businesses in aligning themselves with sustainable development goals (SDG 2030. FloCard is a #BetterPlanetTogether campaign, which aims to have a broad impact for a more sustainable planet.

Team FloCard