Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

You can use the edit feature to customize your card. Simple steps to update your profile:
  1. Select "Edit" from the three dots in the right-top corner.
  2. Make the appropriate adjustments, such as adding an official photo, a logo, etc.
  3. Select whether you wish to notify your FloCard contacts about the change.
Refer to the below gif for easy guidance:

Yes! FloCard has room for every version of you. Just click on the "Create another business card" option next to your current card on your main profile page.
Attach your organization to your specific card with these simple steps:
  1. Select the "Attach to Organisation" under the three dots in the top right corner of your card.
  2. And that is it! Your FloCard will automatically take up the organization from the email of your organization attached to that card.
Share your FloCard directly via WhatsApp by clicking the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of your card or via the exchange feature. The exchange feature enables you to share your card via using a unique QR code assigned to your card. Follow these three simple steps to exchange your card-
  1. Click on "Exchange" at the bottom right corner of your card
  2. Scan the receiver’s QR code
  3. You just made a new connection!

Click on the contacts icon on the left panel menu. You will find all your shared contacts in both list and column view.
The Alias feature in FloCard enables you to claim a unique URL aligning to your preferred default card with these ordinary steps:
  1. Click at "My FloCard ID" from the left slide along menu
  2. Click on "Edit" beneath the QR code
  3. Customise your preferred unique name
  4. Click on "Claim Alias" and done!
This unique alias, when shared, will lead to your default card.


FloCard is essentially a Climate Action campaign. It innately contributes to all the 17 sustainable development goals laid down by the UNDP. Prioritising No Poverty (SDG1); Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG9); and Life on Land (SDG15); FloCard aims to add value towards a healthier version of the world.

It is a digital business card that encourages a switch from paper-based cards. You build a trustworthy network by making meaningful connections, all via a single click. It also guarantees that for every FloCard you create, we plant a tree. You track your tree (upcoming feature) as you grow your trusted contacts with FloCard. FloCard is for individuals; scaled for Enterprise use, enabling businesses towards their Net Zero Goals.

User privacy is our priority. FloCard does not store any of your data. All the user data is stored securely in the FLO blockchain. For more information check our Privacy Policies.
FloCard brings an instant enterprise communication feature 'FLIP'. Reach out to your targeted audience in a secure channel with one click! Follow these simple steps to send a 'flip' -
  1. Click "FloCard Users" present in the enterprise-FloCard partnership webpage
  2. Select the user/users you want to communicate with
  3. Write a message for them - add a title, text, image of your choice
  4. You can click on "preview" to know how your message would look like at the receiving end
  5. Click "Send flip" if you are satisfied with your message.
Your flip has successfully been sent!

The user at receiving end can see the message by simply clicking the flip icon at the bottom of their card. Swish and Flip! The message will be visible at the back of your card.