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Every business is unique, and FloCard has an impact on them on numerous levels—people, process, practice, and the planet. Individuals who make up the organization are referred to as "people." In its current form, process is concerned with communication, or how information is shared within an organization. Different domains/departments, such as sales, marketing, and so on, are covered in practice. Planet is a about the Earth, its ecology, people, and future.

FloCard for businesses is conceived as a digital solution that prioritizes innovation. It makes use of the finest of contemporary technology as well as legacy platforms to provide a highly scalable solution. The novelty of FloCard for business is that it is a catalyst for amplifying efforts and expanding possibilities rather than an end in itself.

FloCard achieves all of the above through a proprietary value model that is uniquely designed across Technology and Possibilities. Here is a sneak-peek into how the values gets transferred across these parameters.

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Technology Value

FloCard enables business transformation from People, Process, and Technology to People, Process, Practice, and Planet. The essential dimension on which FloCard bases its endeavour is technology to facilitate interconnectedness. The DEPTH principle, which the team pioneered, lies at the heart of the key technological value. DEPTH is an acronym that stands for Decentralized, Extensible, Privacy First, Trustworthy, and Habitual.

Interconnectedness has a crucial role to play in accelerating human progress, bridge the digital gap, and develop knowledge communities. The usability of this lies as much in societal context as for the businesses. Let’s see how.


Technology is a critical enabler for the three pillars of sustainable development: economic success, social inclusion, and environmental protection. Businesses, on the other hand, rely on technology to commit to the Sustainable Development Goals and their three pillars. With just one move, FloCard makes this possible.

Possibilities Value

FloCard is a passport to limitless opportunities for organisations to commit to people, process, practise, and the planet while remaining focused on their core activity. When a company adopts FloCard, it begins to have a far-reaching impact on the following areas:

1. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030)

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The act of FloCard adoption at the organisation level has the potential to impact all 17 SDGs. These effects could be magnified even more by focusing on the SDGs that are most important to businesses in a certain location or region. Committing specific SBUs with unique goals for multinational firms with multi-geo presence means impacting all SDGs as a conglomerate.

2. Proactive Offsetting

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FloCard assists businesses in proactively offsetting their carbon emissions and reducing their carbon footprint by investing in tree planting, biodiversity protection, afforestation, reforestation, and other initiatives.

3. Commercial Offsetting

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This is a work-in-progress service that will be available once FloCard is registered with the Clean Development Mechanism. Once operational, our clients and partners will be able to offset their carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits from us at a subsidised rate.

4. Cultivate Culture

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Cultivating a culture of innovation and nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset is an ongoing challenge for all businesses. This is made possible by FloCard's DEPTH methodology, which establishes trust and transparency among the team.

While technology has significant impact on SDG 3, SDG 8, SDG 11, SDG 12 and SDG 13, FloCard enables enterprises to go beyond these and create a holistic impact.

How FloCard enables businesses to create an impact across people, process, practice and the planet?

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1. FloCard enables both individuals and businesses with contacts management. You’ll never touch contact with anyone once on FloCard.

2. With FloCard, everyone is a planter by default. FloCard could be used to gain inspiration as well as inspire others through your commitment to nature

3. FloCard enables trust & transparency within the team

4. FloCard enables accessibility between individuals to collaborate on a common cause, project, or passion

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1. In its current form FloCard enables one-way communication from admin to individuals through a unique, private, and secured feature called FLIP

2. FLIP enables organizations to share information without compromising the confidentiality

3. In near future, FLIP will be extended to cohorts within the organization and also from individual to individual

4. FloCard enables exchange of contacts through QR, URL, and OTP

5. Companies can utilize FLIP to share announcements, news, surprises and everything worth putting in text.

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One of the most difficult challenges for any firm, especially one with a large sales force, is the loss of contacts when a team member moves to another company. Another issue for salespeople is running out of business cards or having to carry a large bundle with them wherever they go. The third issue is that after one week of meetings, about 90% of these business cards end up in the trash. The fourth issue is that millions of trees are being cut down to make paper for business cards, adding to the climate crisis. The fifth issue is a failure to keep up with client changes in contact or office.

In its current form, FloCard covers all of these issues related to the sales process. FloCard could also be used to reduce the carbon footprint of your corporate events. Write to us for a quick demo on this solution.

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FloCard is designed in a way to deliver values first and everything else later. When a business adopts FloCard for itself and its team, it gain an ability to create following impact:

1. Impact all 17 SDGs

2. Improve its footprint by offsetting carbon

3. Ability to tag, trace, and measure their plantation if the business indulges in such activities

4. Commit to climate actions in various forms and become an agent of change

5. Amplify the global effort for 1.5 ℃ temperature reduction

6. Save soil, water, and the biodiversity

7. Be a #BetterPlanetTogether champion