Jijivisha- A Life Reconnect

Mental Health, Mental-Emotional Health, Personal Wellbeing, Mental Health Awareness, Life Skills Counselling

Jijivisha is a hindi word which means “Desire / Zeal to Live “. 

Project Jijivisha is an initiative under the second vertical of Mukty Mission, i.e Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing. With the growing stress in individuals due to as many different reasons as we can count, the mental and emotional health of people is getting affected and is taking an ugly shape.

With project Jijivisha we have been trying to not only educate people about mental health and how to take care of it but also helping them come out of various difficult situations of their lives through counselling, workshops and discussions. 

Keeping the confidentiality of the seeker intact and with proper understanding of the issues of their lives, careers, emotions and fears etc , we can proudly state to not just have guided a lot of lives to a new direction but also saved a lot of lives and helped to start afresh. 

We take pride and responsibility in touching human lives and healing them in the way it was needed in some of the most difficult times of their lives. We intend to keep working towards the same and spread positivity, happiness & hope in the lives of people. 



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